General Info

Do you want to be able to communicate with over 500 million people around the globe?
Do you like the Spanish language? Are you planning a vacation? Looking for new and better career opportunities?

Then you found the course you need!

The philosophy is based on the communicative approach to teaching Spanish.
The goal of the lessons is to get students to achieve full communicative competence, being able to converse easily in everyday situations as well as more specific conditions, scientific or work related.
The idea is to use the language as a communication tool in a fun and creative learning environment.

As opposed to traditional methods where you learn certain linguistic structures without joining them to any function or specific communicative context, now the process is as follows:
1. We set a certain communicative goal (e.g., to go to a store and buy clothes, or go to an after work gathering)
2. We plan the content: functional, grammar, vocabulary and sociocultural aspects according to the level and needs of the student(s).

At your company, at the instructor’s office or any place previously agreed upon.

For more information, please contact Eva Argüelles.; telephone: + 41 76 722 91 89